The Redfish Circus

Mica and a 9lb redfish

JUST as the winter storm headed in last week, most of the crew from the shop headed south for the annual recreational trip to the redfish waters of Louisiana.

Its an annual end of season blow of steam trip for Chad, Ben and Bill plus a few buddies. I checked on them the first morning when it was 18F at the shop and they were enjoying 71F, I tried not to listen after that point.

But for about their first year down south the fishing gods might be making them pay for some of the glorious fishing of the past. Apparently there’s been one broke motor, unseasonably chilly weather (Mica above is from Idaho and he is all rugged up to give you an idea), poor visibility and only a few fish. But Micah’s looks pretty fine.

The forecast is looking up, for the boys as well as our are so we will see how they finish up.