Flylife Magazine Goes Digital

ONE of our local buddies Dave “Brookie” Cornue has been prepping for a long term work contract in New Zealand and naturally I’ve been sending him some links and contacts like our mate Stu Tripney, Felix Borenstein’s gorgeous Owen River Lodge and of course the source for fly fishing in the antipodes Flylife Magazine.

We bumped into each other just before Thanksgiving in the course of the conversation mentioned he’d purchased a digital subscription. Apparently I’m out of touch I thought _ being the new products columnist means you get yelled at via email that deadline is approaching every few months.

It’s better than the legendary chief sub at the first newspaper I worked at who was know to throw typewriters at errant hacks who had the temerity to hold up the work flow on “his” newspaper.

And the publisher Rob Sloane has always been a canny hunter, of fish or copy: I’m pretty sure I and a couple of other of the miscreant masthead columnists get set up to deliver on pseudo deadlines. Rob himself is an interesting character: a child prodigy in the way of the fly rod he was writing articles for magazines in his teens. Then he added a doctorate in freshwater biology.

In his 20s he wrote the seminal book on fly fishing in Australia, The Truth About Trout, and shortly afterward became the head of Tasmanian’s Inland Fisheries Commission, then abruptly resigned in the face of crippling budget cutting to the agency. His handbook for beginners “Fly Fishing Fundamentals” is still the guide for every new Aussie fly fisher.

In 1995 the first edition of Flylife was borne, a magazine which set the standard for others to aspire too: awesome photography, solid writing based on real content not just a product list, with a ridiculous list of writers vying to get published. I was fortunate to get published in Flylife 14 years ago and have been doing the gear column since I had way less gray hair.

It’s a great read and you can now get a digital version of the quarterly, which has the magazine content and cool extras like 360 Degree views of the flies published:

Download issues to your tablet, phone, PC* or Mac* with enhanced features like photo galleries, 360-degree fly views, direct links and videos:

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