Dally’s Tying Video _ Snow Day Special

I WASN’T going to drop this video this week but I figured with so many of y’all all stuck in the house, probably tying flies it would be a good time to unleash the second in our series of tying videos.

This week it’s my own Tailwater Soft Hackle series _ actually I was getting a lot of calls to unveil the “Lap Dancer” streamer but our White River Video Series isn’t just about big streamers. We are going to be covered the full range of White River flies from midges, sowbugs, scuds and much more.

So this week we get my take on Soft Hackles, with the pattern that was my first picked up by Rainy’s Flies. Now since it was my fly, I really wasn’t expected too much, I mean I like fishing it but would anyone else.

Funnily enough it’s proven to be a major seller, I just wrote our orders from Rainy’s flies a few weeks and its popularity is right up there _ pretty humbling for a bloke who still considers himself a hack on the vice compared to some of the seriously good tyers around this shop.

Especially when I had to whip out a couple of these for Brian Wise’s camera _ I don’t think I’d tied any since I rolled out 5 or 6 dozen back in spring _ at least I remember which end the hackle went on.

But seriously the cool thing about this fly is the wire body gives such a nice sink rate and the color choice of Wapsi’s UTC wire are just right _ though I’d dig a nice bright orange.

My favorite color schemes green & hot yellow in 2 or 3 strand, though the Caddis Green 3-strand is killer too with black/olive. Both of these work year round on the midge hatches but do particularly well during the spring caddis here, fished behind a pupa, or dropped behind a dry, and yes you can swing them as well..

The Hot Yellow 2-strand is lethal on Norfork through late spring and summer, seems to work really well during the cranefly hatch which has been so good.

Hope you dig it.



(Materials List over the page)Materials List (ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com for more tying/fishing notes)
Hook: Tiemco 3761SP-BL 14-16
Thread: Wapsi UTC 70
Body: Wapsi Ultra Wire small
Thorax. Wapsi Prism Dub peacock.
Hackle: Patridge (and only partridge).