Ready for Christmas _ Brad McMinn Art


I’VE BEEN a huge fan of Brad McMinn’s artwork for a long time, which is why he commissioned him to do our shop logo, and variants of like our 24” Club logo.

But its our first chance to load up on some of Brad’s fish prints _ and you know how we get about big brown trout chasing streamers. This one pictured above is Trutta #3 and measures 34″ x 8.5″. The Peacock Bass “Jungle Fever” was simply to cool to ignore.

We also have brought in some of Brad’s very cool stickers, the medium in which I first got to know him, designed custom sticker for an event we held.

The Streamer Warz skull and streamer logo you are going to be finding on cool fly boxes and drift boats everywhere this season. But the Skeleton Crew is pretty dang cool too. These are a mere $4 bucks apiece. You can shop Brad’s stuff here

And stay tuned we have more cool stuff coming down the pipe. The prints continue our growth in our gallery space, with a bunch of Duane Hada’s awesome work, Sandy Barksdale and Derek DeYoung lining the walls.














Streamer Warz                                                                                                         Skeleton Crew