Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 11-27-13


WELL Happy Turkey Day to y’all for tomorrow.

It looks like being a spectacular break with some moderate temperatures back after the conditions earlier this week. I was out on Norfork Tuesday with Cory Brueckner and his sister Liz and the warmest part of the day was when we put right in.

That northerly was particularly brutal, but layered up and catching fish, you tended to forget about such things. Thankfully the forecast is for the wind to settle this weekend. And with minimum flow now running a couple of times a day on the White there will be plenty of river miles to wade.

Yesterday was a fun day, Cory is a pretty handy fisher with a sweet cast and Liz has become his fishing partner more recently, but she fishes with good humor and serious intent.

She finished with the fish of the day a beautifully marked and strong 19” rainbow she handled with aplomb. Hearing for the second trip in a row “that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught” was pretty cool. But the fishing probably wasn’t as spectacular as its been once the wind kicked in.

But even so over the course of the day we racked them up, mostly rainbows some cutties and a couple of browns. Even the tougher days here mean plenty of bent rod action.

Hope y’all have a great Holiday _ we will be close tomorrow but back open Friday and through the weekend.

WHITE RIVER: IT WAS nice to see minimum flow re-emerge on the White River this week, after the long period without it fired the rumor mill, and it looks like it will continue through the weekend.

We have been getting a burst through the middle of the day of 7 Mw and the same late evening and overnight. In between the minimum flow we have been getting short bursts of higher flows running generally between two and three units. This sort of water, though it only lasts for a couple of hours has been inspiring some of the streamer fishers.Four inch to eight inch flies have been attracting plenty of attention, though no hawgs have come to the boat.

If you want to pitch the big stuff Tommy Lynch’s Triple D or Schmidt’s Double Deceiver are the first choice. I’d also be fishing Dungeon’s Boogie Man and Fat head flies.

If you prefer to fish the minimum flow then fishing Davy Wotton sow bugs (gray or tan) and either a Wotton Super Midge or Knowles’ Ruby Midge is hard to beat. You can add a YK or egg patterns, in front of the midge or run a smaller “spaghetti and meatballs”.

Bugger fishers have been doing well on regular dark olive or light olive buggers  

NORFORK: The ‘Fork has been in good shape, with the decreasing pressure. Tuesday we didn’t see another boat once we left the resort pool.

The early morning water and middle of the day minimum flow created plenty of opportunities whether you walk in at the two wade accesses or float the river.

Wotton Super MIdges or Knowles’ Ruby and Rootbeer Midges have been very productive. Throw in some Trout Crack, some San Juan Worms in red or brown and some Clint’s Sunday special and you are good to go.