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WHEN I first saw the new Simms ExStream Jacket and Pants it was in the 80s and hardly the right conditions. But as the resident winter wuss, I was excited that this might be the gear that will allow Chad and I leave our insulated Camo hunting bibs in the closet. Honestly Johnson and I probably would emerge from the house all winter if the streamer fishing wasn’t as good as it is.

Chad’s who is a Simms Guide Ambassador has already been wearing his Exstream’s and sent me a review

  This is the deal…I know you all have seen the Big Fish pictures from the last few years and saw the Camo Hunting Bibs that I have been wearing–trying to stay warm, something that doesn’t come easy for a Mississippi boy. 

The good news is Simms has found the answer with the New Simms Exstream Jacket and Pants.  I have dropped 2 layers; now with less bulk rowing, working inside the boat & getting around has become much easier. 

The warmth is unmatched.  Stay warm & outside for the winter to get the pigs.  I can’t wait!Chad Johnson

Both pieces _ the Exstream Jacket and Exstream Pant, are loaded with PrimaLoft® SYNERGY insulation offers excellent warmth-to-weight even when wet. The 70 denier, 100% Nylon Diamond weave fiber-proof fabric not only won’t leak the insulation but feels tough enough to handle day after day of White River trophy hunting. A nylon taffeta interior means both pieces are easy to get in and out of.

Wear them under your waders, or better yet for a day of work in a boat, under the Contender Bibs.

Though I tell you these would be pretty nice for those chilly days when you have to salt the driveway, hang christmas lights, rake leaves.


Shop Simms outerwear here or call us on 870 435 6166 for more detailed questions.


  • I hate being cold. Maybe I can wear these in the house as well….my wife is menopausal and the heat is off and the windows open…now! I am in a constant state of pre-hypothermia.

    • Now that made me laugh. Thought I was the only one going down the highway in 20 degree temps windows down. The wife says we should form a support group …. frostbitten husbands

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