Chad Johnson’s Deer Head SlugGo _ Dally’s Tying Videos

Dally’s White River Tying Videos.


WE ARE super excited to launch our new series of White River Tying Videos with Chad “Mississippi” Johnson’s Deer Head SlugGo.

Filmed, edited and produced with his unique eye by our good friend Brian Wise, from Fly Fishing The Ozarks, these videos will show case the incredible talents we have around the fly shop and their personalities. The style also makes them fun to watch.

Chad, of course, is not only a great guide and fly fisher but he is now an Umpqua fly designer, one of four designers with major commercial fly manufacturers we have on our team

We have started the series with an 8” streamer for the White River’s Monster brown trout, but you can expect to see soft hackles, midges, sowbugs and other regular trout fare, plus topwater and subsurface bass patterns, terrestrials and more.

The SlugGo is one of a number of the local streamer patterns developed by our streamer guides, and there are more to come in this series. This fly is Johnson’s answer to our tying challenges, tying big flies light enough to cast all day.

“The big thing with the SlugGo is that you can tie a fly 7” to 8” long, but its still superlight to cast. Even when its wet, it sheds water so it doesn’t have much weight, “ according to Chad

“Tying the body is about keeping it full, so it doesn’t slick down like an eel, but still keeping it light.’

The Deer hair head gives the action. It moves like a slugGo, bass fishers will know what I mean, but its really a dying bait imitation.”

Keep your eye out for Chad’s his new Brittney pup, Tucker.

Hope you enjoy




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