Mr GameChanger For The Streamer Lovefest

A true fly tying innovator _ Blane Chocklett in his office

IT’S BACK _ Bigger, Badder and more Awesome than Sharks with Lasers.

Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher’s 2014 Streamer Lovefest is on again on February 1 2014. It you haven’t experienced the Lovefest its like the Oscar’s for the streamer crowd _ without the ballgowns, bolt-ons and beautiful people.

If your addicted to big flies, bigger rods and the biggest brown trout, the Streamer Lovefest is a celebration of all you love. We have an awesome crew of tiers lined up, headlined by Virginia guide and the man behind the hottest articulated fly out there, Mr GameChanger himself Blane Chocklett.

Blane has been behind several highly innovative fly patterns, including the Gummy Minnow and other Gummy flies. Blane is first and foremost a fly fisher, with flies designed to catch fish, not fishermen first. He also happens to be a very nice, humble and very fishy chap. Stay tuned for the announcement of a Chocklett tying class earlier in the day.

Umpqua tier and our own Chad “Mississippi” Johnson, and fellow White River streamer guru Alex Lafkas will be showing off their custom White River patterns plus inaugural Lovefest tyers Brad Bohen, Rainy’s tier Nick Granato, Brian Wise and Chris Willen. We also have pledges, barring unforseen commitments, from northern commercial streamer tier Rich Strolis.

We are also awaiting confirmation of another booking, a nationally know fly fishing artist and singer/songwriter to perform on the evening. The Lovefest isn’t a tying event in the format of other traditional tying events. Its fly tying as entertainment while y’all eat, mingle and vye for the generous schwag. Each tier gets a 1 fly stint at the table, the rest of the time they are free to watch the other tyers, heckle and talk among the crowd.

Put it in your calendar.

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