Dally’s Fishing Report _ 11-21-14


Norfork Hen Heading Home _ Steve Dally image


NOTHING LIKE waking to the sound of rain on the roof, especially when your warm and comfortable.

I was pretty keen follow some of our guys out onto the White and pitch a few streamers. As it turned out my intended partner in crime was assigned to Christmas shopping duties and the flows were anything but condusive.

Chad, Ben and Gabe slid out onto the White Wednesday afternoon and picked up a little push. Mississippi was the hot rod picking up 4 to 21” but the ride on the streamer water was pretty short lived. Low flows is about the state of the White right now, despite what the telephone flow number keeps saying. We have heard some pretty nice wading results off the White this week.

You really do need to work out the cfs flows on the White, despite the simplicity of working in units. 90% of the time the recording seriously over-estimates the amount of water in the system. I had a trio of flyfishers Monday who were about to drive 3 hours to Eureka Springs, when the flows were still fishable on the White, because they heard “3 Units”.

Stick our Water Flows page as a bookmark on your smartphone or on your computer.  If your not familiar with reading the sites, or how they relate to actual fishing, check out the articles on the page on reading the water and fishing the flows.

I’ve spent way too much time on the Interwebs this week working on our Tying Video series and trying to catch up our Tumblr Blog to the speed of our other social media. Tumblr isn’t a place for detailed information, but it’s a pretty cool way to display our better images.

And now onto the Fly Fishing Report for the White River and Norfork Tailwater for this week:

WHITE RIVER: There have been some little pushes of bigger water this week, but for the most part there’s been the type of low generation flows we have been seeing for a while anything from 1900 cfs to 3500 cfs. That sort of water flow opens up some good fishing in lower Rim Shoals, Jenkins Creek,  Roundhouse, we have had some nice reports from Wildcat and Three Chutes too.

If you want to beat the crowds on Norfork, or if they are running our of Norfork Dam, there are still opportunities on the White.

Buggers have been working well, particularly bead or cone heads in both regular olive and light olive. Fish black rubber legged and autumn splendor coneheads on the fast flows. Midges have been particularly productive and as usual Davy Wotton Whitetails and Super Midges, Knowles’ Ruby and Rootbeer Midges lead the way.

Eggs and worms will also be productive at this time of year.

The boys popped some nice browns last afternoon on only the only run of streamer water we saw this week from 5000 to 10,000 cfs. Streamer time is coming and its worth prepping up your boxes.  On the lower flows sculpins and zonkers are effective on floaters or intermediate lines/tips, and zoo cougars fished on heavier sink tips. On bigger way fish Galloup articulated patterns like Fatheads and Dungeons plus Krakkens and Circus Peanuts. Moving up the 6” Double Deceivers are always worth a swim.

NORFORK: The wading windows on Norfork seem to be shrinking with with Thursday a weird two hours on, then off then back on, pattern. I’ve truly given up trying to rationalise generation.

But today provided some better water if you want to walk in. Norfork remains fishing well but the best water remains in the middle less accessible stretch of the river.

The October crowds have shrunk but the Handicap access remains busy through the weekends.

Midges are productive, particularly Ruby Midges with turned up 5 browns on a trip last week including a gorgeous 23.5” hen in the picture above. Under minimum flow conditions its wise to fish even tungsten midges behind a heavier lead fly, like a Sunday special, Hare’s ear or similar non-descript nymph.

Soft Hackles are performing well as are smaller buggers.