Tying Under The Bright Lights

Wise and Johnson getting down to it

WE have been a huge fan of Brian Wise’s tying videos, indeed all his videos, for some time. So I’m surprised it took us so long to put together Brian and with some of our talented tiers with the idea of filming a list of White River system essential flies.

Of course locking the Pedro Almodovar of tying videos in a small room with our crew is fraught with danger but no pain no gain. Stage one is run and done and we have 4 flies in the can: two of “Mississipi” Johnson’s and two of mine. And thanks to the herding skills of our second camera guru, Mrs Jennifer Wise, it didn’t take all night .

We are planning a second session for more of our homegrown patterns, with a goal of having a series of videos of the flies you need to fish the White River, Norfork Tailwater and the smallmouth creeks.

There will be monster streamers and teeny midges, sowbugs and crawdads and more. All produced with the effervescent flair and skill found in Brian’s personal videos.

We think you are going to dig it _ look for these this winter.