The Psyche of Fly Fishing _ I

Another WTF moment

“Regular anglers have excuses …… fly fishers have theories”

IT’s said that fly fishing is the cerebral art of the angle, a more contemplative reflective method of fishing.

If you have spent any time on the water with a fly rod in hand, water rippling around your legs,you quickly understand there’s plenty of time to think between fish. The actual act of catching and landing a trout is a tiny moment within the whole act.

The rest of the time its just you and your thoughts.

I’ve had some of my best ideas on the water; and some shockers to boot, and I’ll confess there’s been plenty of time my mind has wandered down paths other than the task at hand. In a perfect world the fly fisher may be studying the run of current and eddy for a perfect drift, pondering the questions of bug cycles, trout feeding patterns and fly choice

The reality is much different:

The new fly fisher might spend more times wondering how to stop the fly line running back down the guides every time he/she lifts the rod.

The intermediate fly fisher: “what is this fly doing in my ear”

The streamer chucker “I wish I had taken the barbs off”

The single male fly fisher “Around the next bend could be the hot single fly fishing chick I see in the magazines”

Any female fly fisher “Here comes that stalker again”.

The anal retentive fly fisher “I’d catch more fish if my flies were back in neat little rows.”

The OCD fly fisher “Eventually I’ll cast that fly line perfectly straight.”

The ADD fly fisher “My indicator is swim upstream that must mean something …oooh look a bug!”

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