Big Nets For Big Fish

The Fishpond Nomad Boat net, that’s a 27” handle

It’s the old story: Fishpond liked the Nomad nets so much they purchased the company.

And we had our first order of these carbon fibre fibreglass nets land in the shop yesterday. I’ve been super excited about these nets since seeing them mid-year and Ive been fishing a prototype for a couple of months.

There are five models from the hand net up to the big boy boat net, and 3 finishes. They do look trick but it’s the substance, and the ability to take the abuse we dish out that I’m interested in.

Certainly the nets can take the knocks and bangs, but we actually put some extra strain on the prototype model involving a concrete floor and one heavy Aussie.

We think you are going to dig these if you want a serious net. Check them out in the shop.

Riffle Camo on the Left; Tailwater on the Right