16lb and growing


AGFC biologist Paul Port sent me the above pic of a 16lb brown trout electro-shocked on the White last week after we had been studying some of our trophy photos on the walls of the shop.

And it certainly appears as if this thick brown is the one caught by our friend Justin Urich back in May. Justin’s fish measured 31” _ we kicked around some rough estimates at the time of around 12lb. Paul was part of the team that measured this toad at 16lb, and the fish was in approximately the same area of the river it was caught in in May.

Paul and myself had been kicking over a recent article on brown trout and how their spot patterns are distinctive and individual, and remain so despite seasonal and environmental color changes. Paul, who is helping out on weekends at the shop, and I had been discussing the possibilities of a project to identify individual trophy trout patterns in the river.

Paul is a good streamer fisher & tyer in his own right and he has been super-excited about the numbers and quality of brown trout in the White River now, which augers well for a fine streamer season ahead.

We still have plenty of openings in January but things are tightening up for February, so make sure you book early to ensure you get the guide and dates you want.

Justin Urich and that fish in May