Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10-24-13

Sarah Thomas _ with a gorgeous Norfork cuttie


How big was the pregnant fly fisher’s last trout

Anything she wants!


I’ve guided a lot of cases over the years_ hard cases, funny cases and yes some sad ones as well.

There have been plenty of shoulder reconstructions to manage, one memorable wading trip with a recent back fusion; and some rebuilt knees. But for the last couple of days I had my first pregnant fly fisher in the bow of the Clacka.

Sara and Jerrod Thomas, from Texarkana, are regulars on the White and Norfork, and in the pages of the Journal. You might recall Sara won the Hat on the Road Contest 2013, and today’s trip was their prize. The Thomases also spent Tuesday on Norfork with Ben Levin banging a bunch of fish, while I was returning from Montana.

She’s a trooper, fishing hard with Ben then backing up for two more days. We tried to keep her fuelled and hydrated, and there were plenty of pregnancy jokes from both Sara and I. Jerrod was more tactful.

Yesterday we floated from Rim to Buffalo City, a gorgeous section of river with willing trout, and today back on the Fork. It was some seriously fun Fall fishing, gorgeous colors, chill mornings breaking into sun, some wind and some leaves on the water. There are plenty of others enjoying this year’s Fall, and the good fortune should carry on into November.

And now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report:

WHITE RIVER: The White has been in good shape, though wading has been patchy, but the floating has been very productive.

We have heard of some decent hopper fishing, with some nice rainbows willing to take a terrestrial and the occasional good brown like the 23” fish Clint Wilkinson’s fly fisher got early this wee.

Fishing small sculpin patterns, buggers or streamers can also be productive for rainbows and browns. We have been running the Sculpin Bunnies and buggers this week and they have been working well.

But fishing midges has been the most popular method, often combined with egg patterns or Clint’s Sunday Special for depth. Davy’s silver/black Super Midges, Whitetails in red or black and Ruby or Rootbeer Midges have been very strong.


NORFORK:  Norfork fishing strongly and offering plenty of wading from mid morning through the afternoon.

The flows are getting a little colored, perhaps an impending sign of lake turnover. But the fishing has been strong. Downstream the AGFC has progressed on work down to handicap access, which means the end to the habitat project is sooner rather than later.

Scuds and midges have been particularly strong, as a combination. Run Tan or Tan UV Hunchback scuds, or tan Kaufmann’s scuds ahead of Ruby Midges, Rootbeer Midges or Whitetails.

Soft hackles fished in combination with Scuds or midges, like Anna K’s, Hare’s Ears or Tailwater Soft Hackles in Red/Yellow, red or black are work trying. If the water color is particularly seedy you might want the attraction value of a egg patterns ahead of your flies.