So Do You Want The Good News ……

The high bank at Cooper Island is the first site for river rehabilitation work _ this pic was in early 2011


WELL after the AGFC presentation to Trout Unlimited in Mountain Home last night I can say with some certainty there will be a good eight hours of minimum flow on Norfork every day into November.

And the fishing in the mudlines is going to be pretty dang spectacular in the lower half of the river, but you will have to put up with some noise and vehicular traffic.

In probably what wasn’t their finest moment in public relations the AGFC started work on Phase II of the Norfork River Habitat project on Thursday when the river with crowded with Fly Fishing Fair attendees.

With the Quarry Park access closed due to the Government shutdown, the torrent of debris and mud as the AGFC moved in to the first work site adjacent to Cooper Island (just below Ace In The Hole) wasn’t well received.

But while there may be some short term angst the long term benefits of bank and island stabilisation should benefit us all. And besides those of you who may recall fishing downstream of the river habitat work in the past have learnt that fishing down stream of the back hoes and heavy trucks hauling boulders, is pretty dang good.

The high bank down the west bank at Cooper Island is the first stage of work, the island itself will be armored with boulders to prevent erosion and one if not two j-vanes are being considered to redirect water flow. The AGFC is aiming to be done here by next week so to limit any potential to impact the spawn

Work will then move downstream to Charlie’s Island, and the flat below the island, where that curious obsession of the AGFC instream boulders and logs will be placed. Apparently a 100’ wide navigation channel is required by the Corp to allow boat traffic.

There are a couple more site downstream of the Handicap access.


    • not on the agenda but it would be nice.
      Come along to the White River TU Monday night and put it to Jeff Williams from the AGFC

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