New Simms Fall Line Rolling In

Chris Franzen styling in the new blue Fall Run Jacket slinging Sage’s new Method

THERE’s that fall chill in the air when you step out of the front door every morning and that means a whole new lineup from Simms.

Our lad Chris “Waderfunk” Franzen is back from a tour of duty for Bristol Bay Lodge in Alaska, ducking flies, filleting salmon and warding off bears and he’s been like a kid in a candy store helping out Gabe Levin unpack the boxes of Simms stuff this week.

Being cuttoff from civilisation for 4 months has left Franzy some seperation anxiety and he’s been like a kid in a candy store what with the gear to try on, rods to cast and fly tying materials to mess with. I walked into the shop yesterday lunchtime, it’s 85F and he’s wandering around in some new season Simms Fleece, proclaiming their virtues to all and sundry. IN part it was my fault for trying to take advantage of the photographic and written talents of Gabe and Chris, seeking some information for a piece on these pages.

Then I had a horrid thought: “Franz, If you are going Commando, you are buying those.” Thankfully there were shorts underneath, so we aren’t short on sizes for now at least.

We think y’all are going to dig the new colors in the hugely popular Fall Run jacket, plus the versatile brand spanking Fall Run Vest pictured below (available in black or orange.)

. The Fall Run vest and some Fall streamers

We also have the first of a series of new Simms boots rolling in, by Christmas, the new Rock Creek boot (felt only) for $99.95. And the best sellng Simms ColdWeather Pant and Shirt are back. We have a bunch more cold weather gear rolling in through fall as temperatures really start to drop.


Simms quality at $99.95 _ the Rock Creek felt sporting some new Simms socks