Those Spots …..


IT WAS a gorgeous day in Mountain Home yesterday _ way too pretty to be sitting at the house slaving over  hot vise. Somehow I seem to have landed myself with an inordinate amount of streamer tying to get done, and what is worse there are fast approaching deadlines.

My tying area looks like like you’d imagine a tornado through a Mardi Gras costumer, taxidermist and paint factory would look. We found the little dog, Rudi the minature dachsund, under a pile of saddles and flash Saturday night.

What else to do but play hooky, and Dry Run Creek and a couple of video cameras sounded fun. I use quite a bit of Dry Run Creek footage in some of my more technical presentations. There’s no where better to observe, and capture, trout behaviour _ You can get close, and all the principals of where fish hold and feed are right there in front of you.

The last time Bec and I took an outing like this we found a really unusually spotted trout, kind of linke a brookie but not quite. Well yesterday we found him again, from above water the apricot spots are a dead giveaway. But what the heck was it… GoPro video underwater can be a bit hit or miss, so it wasn’t until we got back to the house and loaded the video on a big screen was the mystery revealed.

Hope you enjoy this little video. Bump your settings up to 1080HD and let it load for the full detail