Fly Fishing Fair _ Mountain Home Oct 3, 4 & 5


THE Annual FFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair in Mountain Home on October 3, 4 & 5 is approaching fast, and there is some cool fun to be had.

We will of course have a booth at the Fair, and our annual Fly Fishing Fair Monster Sale at our shop in Cotter. We will be marking down a bunch of fly fishing and fly tying items for the sale and once again we have brought in some very cool items specifically for the sale.

Chad “Mississipi” Johnson is leading a class on Tying Foam Flies on October 3 including his awesome Freaky Frog, which had been picked up by Umpqua to be distributed globally. Huge kudos to Chad for becoming an Umpqua Fly Designer, with this pattern. He will also be tying his unique Mouse pattern and other foam patterns for Bass and trout. I’m not sure if there are many spots left in this class.

Chad’s other passion, as many of you know is redfish and he will also be hosting free Do It Yourself Redfishing presentations on Friday and Saturday at 2pm.

Steve will also be giving free presentations for dry fly addicts on High Water Dry Fly fishing on the White.

Originally this presentation was designed for dry fly fishing tactics and tips for flows above 50cfs _ but minimum flow has of course changed all that. The class will cover boat and wade fishing techniques for these higher flows.