Remember What These Looked Like?

IT’S been a long time since we had a good supply of Wapsi’s Magnum Saddle Hackles and some premium dry fly hackle

But we have 3 colors in stock Tan Grizzly; Fluorescent Chartreuse and of course Natural Grizzly and we will be adding colors as available.

  The are awesome for buggers and bigger streamers both wound or laid in as laterlines/highlights. Nothing like the look of a quality grizzly feather.

Shop the Magnum Grizzly Saddles Here

If you are tying dry flies then we have some high grade, selected and sized dry fly hackle available from Metz.

These multi color packs will tie 16 and smaller (Small); #12 thru #16 (Medium) and 12 and bigger (Large). Shop the Dry Fly Packs Here