Don’t Leave Your Stuff Soggy


WHEN I heard the price on Shimazaki Dry Shake Spray I think my first utterance was an impolite version of “you’ve got to be kidding”.

$29.95 for that little bottle _ I’ll stick to my old friend the Dry Shake Dust. If our long suffering Umpqua rep hadn’t tossed me a bottle, you probably wouldn’t be reading this _ and I wouldn’t have coughed up my own cash for a second one.

I have it a swing on reconditioning Elk Hairs during the Caddis in spring and wasn’t much impressed, but I was fishing Bull Shoals Dam back in May and  was searching for something in my bag to rejuvenate a very tired, chewed and soggy fly. Holy Moly _ the Spray works.

It is a killer for returning to life those synthetic wings on patterns like the Fat Albert, Chernobyl Juicy Bug and Swisher’s Stonefly. When the wing is down you are blind, but a dash of the spray and away you go _ and I’ve been using it on deer hair wings as well.

The only downside, other than the price, is the fact the spray makes it too easy to overdose your fly. But if you have been working hopper season hard _ you might want to think about a bottle.

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