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Hopper Double: Gina Leitle and Darrell Lundberg on the White Ben Levin pic

Nice report from Benjamin Levin popped up yesterday, after a trip this week with two colleagues from the next tailwater upstream.

I fished Wednesday evening with Darrell Lundberg and Gina Leitle of River Run Outfitters, MO. The two guide and fish the White below Table Rock Dam, and decided to come down to the Arkansas side of our river and see what all this hopper business is about.

We floated for about four hours and got into a bunch of nice browns from 18-21″ along with some small browns in between to keep us busy. It was a fun, laid-back evening trading stories about our two respective sections of the White, and Darrell and Gina enjoyed getting some nice fish on dries.

If any of y’all out there are wanting to get learn more about fishing the MO section of the White then get in touch with River Run Outfitters…there are some seriously big rainbows (and browns for that matter) up there! Thanks again for a great trip guys, and come down to see us anytime!



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