Gadget Of The Year


THE HEMO Holster from Westwater Products might just be the smartest thingamajig of the year.

At various times during a day I might have a pair of hemos on my shirt, in a pocket, under the drifter seat or floating around the rear deck of my river boat, simply because I don’t have a sport where they belong.

Well the Holster solves all that: Its just an oval plastic tube with a nifty and very grippy “rubber core”, designed to hold your hemos in place. Just to test it out I stuck a heavy pair of 6” hemos in turned it upside down and shook it hard without a slip.

You can stick the Holster anywhere on your boat, canoe, heck even your vehicle, that has a flat smooth surface with its self adhesive pad. Set them up vertical or horizontal _ $10 buck a pop I’m sticking on in both boats _ and they make a pretty cool sunglass holder too.


Shop the Hemo Holster here