The Art of Persuasion: Donkey Edition _


THE IRREPRESSABLE Irishman Tommy Lynch makes headlines this week at his real job: “The Fish Whisperer Guide Service” in an article on by Dave Karczynski.

Karczynski writes about a streamer trip with Tommy on his home water in Michigan and his Triple D streamer, but the essence is in the details. Its why Tommy has been one of the best performed fly fishers in our guide boats over the last two winters down here on the White.

Erratic, arrhythmic, and variegated retrieves are what fly here. Mindless, steady, staccato strips do not. The hardest part of fishing a fly like the Triple D the right way isn’t the physical component (though that can be pretty grueling). It’s the mental challenge of mixing it up during each and every cast, again and again over many, many miles of river.

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  • Not surprised to hear Tom tears it up wherever he goes–he’s got the magic. I’ve got to get down to AR myself next year…

    • You want to book soon _ spots are seriously filling up.

  • Great re-share! Last time I was on the PM (Pere Marquette) I parked behind The Fish Whisper at Green Cottage. This was the first I had heard of him – now I know a fair amount more. Thanks.

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