Streamer Heaven _ New Angler’s Choice Flies


JUST LANDED in the fly shop are our first shipment of Mike Schmidt’s streamers for the upcoming streamer season.

Mike, who runs Angler’s Choice Flies out of Ohio has been supplying some of the hottest streamer patterns into the Michigan streamer season, and we have run several of his patterns in White River waters. Many of you who have hunted trophy White River browns with our guide team over the past couple of years have seen his Double Deceiver style flies in our guide boxes.

We have Double Deceivers in 6” and 8” lengths, in 3 colors, some 6” Voodoo Squatch and 5” Red Octobers. These flies are going to be must haves this season, and you can be sure there will be pictures of these flies hanging out of the mouth’s of some monster brown trout.

Expect these up on the web store sometime next week, or they are available in the shop.