Choose The Hat On The Road Contest Winner

Ya know the worst job I’ve had all week was sorting out the finalists of the Hat On The Road Contest for the public vote.

So many great pictures whittling them down to a shortlist was way harder than I thought. There’s been a bunch of great pictures miss out if you look through all the entries.

But someone has to win the one day Guide Trip for Two on the White River worth $400, and y’all get to choose. After all “there can be only one”

So good luck and thanks to all the contestants, we love your passion and sense of humor.

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Voting Closed Winner here


  • Appreciate making the finals, and I love Mandela as much as the next guy, but my real accomplishment, especially in terms of effort (if not photographic talent), was getting the hat shots with the Big Five. Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, and Rhino–all WILD–none in zoos, game farms, or cages. Maybe the first and only Big Five “Hat Trick” in Fly Shop history!

    Mandela and Table Mountain are awesome, but the Big Five is what stands out for me, your humble photographer.

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    • I did like them too mate, but picking one was the hard job and we polled the crew to select the finalists

  • I’m in the finals? COOL! Since I come every year with my own boat just to hang out with you kooks, If I was to win(not likely) I will to donate the trip to a charity of your choice. You guys stay classy down there!


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