The Hat _ You Can Wear It Anywhere

The Hat On Tour in Italy _ all pics Nancy Wilson

OF all the very cool pics sent in for The Hat On The Road contest, many which have inspired fits of giggles, Nancy Wilson’s tour of European statuary was the first to have me spraying coffee across my laptop.

There have been a handful so far with the twisted sense of humor that fits right in around this place and this one is way up there.

What can I say…. the Dally hat provides excellent protection from the sun…..the first picture is in Saltzburg Germany the other two are in Florence Italy.  I  hope this makes you smile… Nancy Wilson

Y’all only have 15 hours left to make your mark and get in to win a one day Guided Trip for Two on the White River.

I’ll take entries up until midnight tonight. I have a backlog of pics to get up and running. We are going to sort them out and put up the finalists for a vote next week where y’all will get a chance to vote on the best picture to take the prize.