Fly Fishing Report 8-9-12

John Chapman’s 23” brown on a hopper last Friday.

YOU  are going to get very sick of me writing about grasshoppers over the next month. I’m getting hopper fatigue as it is _ but only in regard to writing about it.

I have another afternoon on the White tomorrow and if it gets half as good as the outings over the last week (you can read about it in other posts this week) its going to be a lot of fun. There are a bunch of willing browns in the 17”-19” mark around that are just monstering hoppers patterns.

The bigger fish are getting a little sharper, having seen quite a few flies now, and it takes some tricks in presentation and reading the water flows too.

We have had some good reports over the last week of middle of the day lower flow wade fishing with hoppers, rather than just the high flow bank fishing we had been focussing on. The fishing is absolutely incredible right now. You’d be nuts not to take advantage.

WHITE RIVER:   Low flows in the mornings and getting higher in the afternoons has been the story of the past week. There was a goodly burst of low water through till 11am this morning, but we have had a bunch of good reports on the lower flows from waders.

Hopper fishing in the afternoons downstream of Cotter _ taking advantage of the low am releases from Bull Shoals _ has been good. We had a couple come back in Saturday afternoon after tearing the fish up on some pink Fat Alberts and Thunder Thighs Hoppers _ just to say thanks for the advice _ they were still hopping themselves.

Running droppers subsurface, Super Midges, Ruby Midges, Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns were all good.

On the higher flows dump the dropper and concentrate on placement of your hopper as you drift the banks, aerial mends really help when you are probing across currents dragging flies won’t cut it. The Western Lady Hopper, Fat Albert, Yeti and Ron’s Hopper have all been consistently taken.