They won’t be eating hoppers in Alaska Ben

IT’S Hard to believe we are running into August and the hot part of the year. Given are freaky weather this year y’all might want to be breaking out the winter warms.

I’m almost too twitchy to mention a cool down into the 90s next week, the last time I did that we walked straight back into some super hot days. But the fishing has been holding up. Chad and Ben have put in some solid days and Clint said he’s had some good dry fly action as well.

Indeed the White stands as something of a cold water refuge with other rivers, out west and the Little Red closer to home not faring well. Some waterways in Yellowstone were closed earlier this week.

Hoppers and attractor terrestrials continue to do extremely well and it’s a bumper year, there were hoppers scattered all over the front of the shop when I walked by a few minutes back. It might be hot but so is the fishing.

WHITE RIVER: Low flows in the am and higher water of an afternoon has been the pattern for several weeks now. But over the past couple of days we have seen a dramatic bum in the afternoon water being pushed.

Thursday evening was the highest flows since April when the USACE were dumping water from Bull Shoals _ perhaps this is a sign its time for Bull Shoals to shoulder more of the load, or not, its too early for any real pattern to develop.

At the time of writing today’s maximum flow reached only 10,000 cfs, which is way more friendly to drifting the banks with hoppers and should produce some even better quality fish.

Pink bellies remain the goto hopper colors, but with an early season our West and a 20% jump in fly fishing business across the board this year pink hoppers are becoming scare. We have introduced two new patterns to our catalogue this week which we think are going to meet the challenge _ both from Montana Fly Company, the Fat Albert and the Yeti.

The Yeti is a big big that will earn its keep on the 10,000 cfs while the Fat Albert is more of an attractor that has developed a solid reputation out west and in South America.

On the 1500 cfs we have been getting the mornings opens up some very good wade fishing up and down the river _ just watch out for big hard rises in flow no matter when you think it might be scheduled _ Nymphers have continued to do well on pheasant tails, copper johns and hares ears. Ruby Midges have been king of the Midge pupa, try trailing this one behind a Davy Wotton Whitetail or Super Midge.

Sowbugs have become a little forgotten but these are performing very well on a variety of flows.


NORFORK: Morning wade conditions continue on Norfork with cold afternoon water drawing in some of the better fish from the warming lower White. We are hearing more and more reports of trophy grade brown trout coming from the Norfork.

John Wilson’s Trout Crack has had a resurgence this summer with more wadeable conditions available and by all accounts its performing well alongside Davy Wotton and Woven V-Rib Sowbugs.

Olive Woollies continue to be a stalwart pattern.