Bill’s New Boat

Bill with a nice brown out of his new Clacka

OUR man Bill Thorne has been wandering around the place with a monster grin after adding a Clackacraft Drift boat to his fleet.

I have to admit it’s a pretty slick rig he purchased, with one of the Kelly Galloup designed Flypod interiors, but we are also giving the skipper a hard time _ for a while he seemed not to take it off the truck. But truly a new boat is a pretty cool thing and we are going to make sure he gets plenty of rowing practice _ while we fish.

Sara Thorne and the Flypod

Lately I’ve been accused of sleeping in my new Clacka…Well I’m not sleeping in it but I have been rowing it a bunch. Sara and I got the skunk off it during a 4th of July float. She caught the first fish in our new “Flypod”, a nice rainbow on a hopper. The first of many floats that my best fishin’ buddy and I will take together in our new baby.

Every boat needs a couple of these

A few days later Chad and I got out for an evening trip…I’ve been anxious for him to try out the sticks in my new boat. These Sawyers are really light and push a lot of water. With Chad on the oars I got my first chance to fish out of the Clacka. I have to admit I was listening as my partner was admiring the traits of my new craft. I was like a proud papa pleased with the comments of adoration and affirmation that I had made a good purchase. OK…back to fishing. We weren’t out for numbers; we were looking for Brown trout on hoppers, so I was pretty stoked when my pink bellied bug got eaten by a nice 18 incher. We both proceeded to put some nice “Browns “in the boat, no pigs but all nice enthusiastic fish.

The sun was long gone as we winched the drift boat back on the trailer…Chad assured me this was the first of many sketchy take outs that I would be doing. Oh boy!!!