Davy Wotton Films New Midging DVD

Images courtesy of Teresa Van Winkle

Davy Wotton’s tying and fly fishing DVDs remain extremely popular and we reckon his upcoming midge fishing DVD is going to get some serious attention. Look for it in fall Davy said

This past week l filmed my new DVD related to midge fishing, within the content of the video all aspects of fishing midge flies were covered from fishing micro size pupa/mergers and dries.

How to build leader and tippet sections. Fishing slow water seams to emerger feeding fish to high water levels at bull shoals dam fishing midge patterns at depth.

Included in the video will be a segment related to fly tying, introducing some new fly patterns, discussions on suitable fly tying materials.

Presentation values, such as making to choice to fish up stream across or down, casting and drift control techniques, you name it its included in the program.

Release is expected to be in the early fall.