Fly Fishing Report _ 7-12-12

Michael Schraeder with his best best brown trout from the White on a hopper this week

IT looks like the heat wave is over for with the temperatures back down into the low 90s through the weekend.

It doesn’t sound like much of a break, but the drop of 12 degrees and more, and the cooling effect of the White River, it should be pretty nice on the water.

Everyone is still talking hoppers and when its good its very good and when its spotty its still a nice change from pitching bobbers. The hopper bite should continue to get better as we move though the month.

Chad and Bill did well Tuesday night, but 24 hours later Chad and I were guiding on the Upper White and we both got a lot of nudges and misses.

Late afternoon and evenings on the White are spectacular, but watch the mist if we have had some rain or the humidity is high.



WHITE RIVER: It has been an on off kind of week on the White this week some low water for the waders then some light afternoon pushes.

But the fishing remains strong, the hopper bite is getting all the attention, but the venerable old Pheasant Tail is still more reliable. Of course comboing them them up is a pretty handy way to roll as well.

Davy Wotton White Tails have been prolific, particularly the red, and of course as we have been saying for a good while Ruby Midges.

We have also added the Clint Wilkinson Ant pattern to our stable of terrestrials, which is a proven producer below Bull Shoals and other places.

Of the hoppers Ron McQuay’s Hopper, and the Rainy’s Grand Hopper have been doing well. Don’t forget the deer hair patterns, like Dave’s Hopper and the Parachute Hopper as well.