Sixty-One and Counting _ The Musky Hunt

Lucky Porter with one of the 61 musky for the season so far _ and rockin his Dally’s Hat, MCO pic

WE HAVE been staying in touch with the Musky Country Outfitters crew via Facebook ahead of our trips to Hayward Wisconsin later this summer and into fall.

So far Brad Bohen Lucky Porter, Chris Willen and co have nailed 61 musky despite a deluge on the North Country during June. But this extra water should be good for out late season fishing. Last year’s Musky Hunt, suffered somewhat through some low water conditions, which took a few big fish spots out of the game _ and if you recall we still boated 7 musky and a 40” pike in 3 days.

WE still have a few spots available on both trips _ Chad “Mississippi” Johnson is leading the first ( Sept 16-21) and I’m heading back for the last big feed before winter (Oct 28- Nov. 2). The cost  for 3 days guided fishing & 5 nights accommodation will be $952.50. You can get all the details over the page.

Its going to be a big time once again: big fish, big flies, big rods and big breakfasts.


We will be fishing for 2 days, having a rest day and then fishing a third day:

  • September 2012 (led by Chad Johnson)

Arrive Hayward, WI, Sunday September 16. Fish Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Depart September 21.

  • October 2012 (led by Steve Dally)

Arrive Hayward, WI, Sunday October 28 . Fish Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Depart November 2.

Accommodations will again be at the awesome Boulder Lodge, just north of Hayward. Their bar became a meeting place most nights, where tall tales were told and the days exploits relived.

THE COST: (3 days guided fishing & 5 nights accommodation) $952.50.

Deposit to secure your seat: $476.25. Get in fast to secure your spot. We have a limited number of seats available.

This year, with a better handle on what the whole trip entails, and how to target we are going to have an awesome time.

What Is Not Included: Transport to and from Boulder Lodge. Last year the guys grouped together for road trips. Its an easy 15 hours from Cotter, or you can fly into the Twin Cities and grab a shuttle to Hayward. Adult Beverages, bring your own or buy at the Boulder Lodge lounge. Tips for the guides.

Tackle: We spent most of the trip casting 10wts thru 12wts with either sinking or intermediate lines (Rio Outbound Shorts work very well). The MCO team carries a bunch of rods already prepped to fish so its not a bad option.

Temple Fork Outfitter’s BVK was a popular choice and is probably the easiest of all to cast, but the new BVK 12wt is awesome. I’ll be carrying one of those. Chad is lining up a new Orvis Clearwater, which on grass at least is another good value performer. The Sage One 10wt and Xi3 10wt and Orvis Helios will also perform exceptionally nicely. Just remember High Sticking these powerful fish is a guaranteed way to blow up a rod tip.

Reels just need to have the capacity to hold the line and balance the rod. We can make suggestions from Sage, Waterworks-Lamson, TFO and Orvis.

The MCO team spends a lot of their time on fly development and has the patterns you need. We will be putting together some fly packages for purchase.

Accommodations: The cabins are very comfortable with 2 bedrooms, and a new futon for the 3rd bed. I’d spoken with Michelle from Boulder Lodge about the 3 bed situation last year and over the winter they upgraded the 3rd beds, which should be extremely comfortable. I slept like a baby, after throwing musky flies all day, last year, but you will appreciate the changes.

Food: Food is not included in the trip cost but you aren’t going to go hungry. Musky tradition will see you breakfasting at a different local café every morning, and the breakfasts are simply awesome, fuelling you for the exertions ahead. Lunches on guide days are provided by the guides as part of the trip cost..

Last year we cooked our own meal the first night in town, had Boulder Lodge do meals for 2 nights and finished up at a local restaurant the last night. Expect a similar arrangement this year, which will be finalized once we have the groups together. Bring coffee and a grinder if you are an addict.