Fly Fishing Report _ 6-21-12

Goodman’s Mosh Pit Hopper on The White _ Matt Peters image


Summer’s back and so is the hopper bite. We have been getting reports of steady action on hoppers that will only get better.

At this stage most of us are choosing hoppers as a better looking indicator _ but the hopper bobber will come into its own as a prey species at certain times or places on the river. Bec and I ran into a burst of activity for an hour at Rim yesterday when they really were looking up.

Like any other form of indicator you will always have a question of balancing the size of the indicator with how much weight you are running below it. Foam materials are generally more buoyant, and stay buoyant longer than naturals. You really won’t want to be fishing size 12 Hare’s Ears below a size 14 Stimulator for instance.

At the other end of the scale thread midges under a size 4 Gorilla Chernobyl and you’ll end up missing a lot of subtle takes. The other thing to remember, since we spend so much of the year fishing light tippets is to fish heavier enough. The bugger bugs will spin and twist if you are fishing it on 5x, and most of the time 3x or even heavier is a pretty good option

I’m really excited about this year’s hopper selection, I reckon y’all will be too. Here is a taste:


THE MOSH-PIT HOPPER from Rainy’s Flies already has some of the boys excited. Chad was pitching it for a photo session earlier in the week and still got 7 eats.

Has the head of a Rio Grand Hopper but a plumper, sexier torso and great legs. Looked like the trout had already eaten the legs off Chad’s fly in the main pic.


Umpqua’s Thunder Thighs Hopper has a great profile and nice barred legs. I really like the bulbous head and eye.

But this is going to be easy-peasy to spot, even in foam lines and on sunny days with that prominent synthetic wing, and the orange foam tag. Yellow, Pink and Tan.



We really should have come up with a better name than RON’S HOPPER, but its stuck so far. Ron of course being well known local tier Ron McQuay who delivered us this souped up version of Ken Burkholder’s Club Sandwich. The brown-tan-pink combo was a hot hot fly last season and claimed one 10lb brown. Another good reason for solid tippet.


You might also like the Aerial Assault; I’m personally a big fan of the Gorilla Chernobyl in both black and brown (they support a bunch of weight when you get a good unit of water running. And if the run of big hoppers we had last season continues the #4 HiVis Grand Hopper will be a fine choice. Plus we have Dave’s Hoppers, Charlie Boys and Parachute Hoppers in smaller sizes. It’s a heck of a lineup.

Now onto the fly fishing report for this week:

WHITE RIVER: The White has been on off,on, on off and on again. But tomorrow’s schedule is for low water, despite hot conditions, perhaps an indicator for the weekend ahead.

But not even the peaks this week topped 2 units, and for the most we were dealing with around a unit or less. These are great flows to float or pick your wading points.

While the Sulphurs hatches appear to have tapered off, fish are still seizing on mayfly profiles in the drift, Copper Johns, Hare’s Ears and Pheasant Tails have all been winners _ drop down in size and lose the bead in the flat water on zero generation.

Ruby Midges, Super Midges and Whitetails have all been productive. And check out the new Buckshot Midge from our mate Jeff Hearn. These are tied small on the extra-good 2499SPBL hook with tungsten beads, and a slim Coq De Leon Tail. I’ve ribbed Jeff about his faith in the tail, but seriously it works, perhaps as a mobile attractant like the White tails on Davy’s Midges.

Flashabou Woolly Buggers have been doing well as have cone head rubber legged buggers on the higher flows.

NORFORK:  has been offering good morning wading with some afternoon flows. Most of the week the afternoon generation has been around a unit, which works well for a float/wade whether you are in a canoe, pontoon or a drift boat.

Midge pupa have been good, Ruby Midges, Harvester Midges, Super Midges and carry some of the new Buckshot Midges.