Black Guru Reel


WE now have in stock one sexy reel: the special edition matte black Guru from Waterworks-Lamson.

The Guru is W-L’s most affordable fully machined aluminum reel and a popular one with our customers. The signature arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight. The Guru also shares WW_L’s proven drag design and components with our most expensive reels.

The flat black finish looks sweet on the machining and definingly different to the standard clear anodized Guru. It will look great on almost every stick.

Plus you can get the tee to match.


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BLACK Guru Reels Retail
Guru G1.5 Reel BLACK $199.00
Guru G2 Reel BLACK $209.00
Guru G3 Reel BLACK $219.00
Guru G3.5 Reel BLACK $249.00
Guru G4 Reel BLACK $269.00
BLACK Guru Spools  
Guru G1.5 Spool BLACK $90.00
Guru G2 Spool BLACK $95.00
Guru G3 Spool BLACK $100.00
Guru G3.5 Spool BLACK $115.00
Guru G4 Spool BLACK $120.00
BLACK Guru T-shirt (short sleeve) $19.99