You Won’t See That Everyday _ Part 1


BEING STUCK at work on a gorgeous weekend in June might not sound like a bunch of fun, but when you are behind the counter of our fly shop, there is always entertainment.

Our bud Mark Saladin has been spending a boy’s fishing trip with his son Michael and a revolving door of visitors, and we had been texting back and forth on fishing reports, water flows and more. He and Michael have been eaten up with traditional wet fly techniques after taking a day on the water with Davy Wotton.

The boys picked up a TFO 10’ 5wt for Mark and a conversion butt kit for Michael’s 8’ 3wt TFO (which turns it into a nice 10’ 3wt Euro nympher) and have been going at it hard. So then Saturday afternoon I get a text from Mark who had hooked a fish on each of the 3 wet flies he was fishing, the nice brown above and 2 other bows.

Davy’s knowledge of the wet fly game is unsurpassed and we are more than happy to hook you up for a day on the river system learning these techniques.

fish fish on the one cast

How often do you see that.

Michael and a cuttie on the 3wt