Sunscreen A Fly Fisher Can Live With


MOST of our guides have been giving some subtle, and not so subtle nudges, on getting in Sol Sunscreen.

Most of them are heavy users, Ben and Marc in particular, fighting off the impacts of prolonged sun exposure. But Sol also have some extra benefits not found in other brands, like the fact it won’t destroy your expensive fly lines, sunglasses and other gear.

I can attest to the ability of the popular spray-on sunscreen being capable of ruining a very expensive pair of prescription sunglasses on a guide trip last year. I turned the wrong way, there was a wind gust, the fly fisher in the front was somewhat over enthusiastic with a burst on the button, and I didn’t think to wash them clean.

Sunscreen, and insect repellant, are both notorious for eating away at fly lines too.

Sol on the other hand is better for you, your skin and your gear.

We have brought:

  • Bluewater 36 spf, highly water resistant and mounted on a handy carabineer clip
  • Ben’s Favorite the Face Stick, which means there is no residue to clean off your hands.
  • Altitude 40SPF for a higher level of protection.
  • Chap Sticks in peppermint and cherry. Maybe its just me but I’m not a fan of flavorless chapsticks.

Try the Sol on your next day on the water.