Fly Fishing Report 6/7/12

A nice Bull Shoals rainbow heading home

SUMMER 2012 might just become the Summer of Love for fly fishers.

Now I’m not referring in this regard to beads, hippie hair and free love but there’s plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings among the wade fishers right now.

We have had warm late spring temperatures, low water flows and plenty of fly fishing action. Wade fishers have been dreaming of this through the torment of months of high water over the past three years and payback has come around.

You really would be crazy to miss out on this. And there are some seriously fine quality trout to be had.

There have been sulphurs kicking around, there’s not much more fun than watching a big trout sipping delicate mayflies. The midge guys have been having fun, soft hackles and wet flies proving productive and the woolly bugger flingers wearing big grins.

And this isn’t even counting the spectacular fishing on Crooked Creek and some cool fun on Bull Shoals Lake with smallies and largemouth. Another week when too much fly fishing is barely enough, to misquote HG & Roy.

WHITE RIVER: Apart from a blip Monday its been low water all week on the White. Monday was pretty good if you were in up boat at Bull Shoals. But wading has been the focus over the past couple of weeks.

Low flows, clear water and skinny water means a few adjustments. Long fine leaders, 5x tippet early and 6x tippet  under high sun, the smallest indicators you can get away with (or none at all), delicate casts well away from the trout, and quiet wading. Being able to sight fish and spot the better quality fish gives you a real edge.

Fly size is also dropping, particularly in the middle of the day and for the better fish forget about a bead. Stacked small splitshot might be a pain to rig and keep working but it could be worth the effort.

There are still sulphurs around and Pheasant Tails, SCO Rusty Spinners, Humpback Sulphurs, Micro Mayflies and Hare’s Ears are picking off plenty of fish. You can fish Comparaduns, Sparkle Duns, pun Duns and Parachutes if the hatch is firing and bring fish to the top in your area.

Midge fishers are kicking butt with Camel Midges, Ruby Midges, WD40s and #16 Whitetails in the faster water. Try running Jujubees, foam midges and Johnny Flash Midges trailing your regular midge or ever sulphur nymph or sowbug.

Sowbugs remain one of my favorite sight fishing patterns, carefully placed they are a food item moist browns find hard to resist, and pick Davy’s Sowbug or McLellan’s Woven V-Rib Sowbug.

NORFORK:  The ‘Fork will be running tomorrow, for its one day of water this week. Mostly Norfork Dam has been opening up late in the day. The majority of Norfork fly fishers have been seeking out woolly buggers this week _ in various shades of green.

But the midge fishers have also been doing well well on Ruby Midges, black and silver zebras, Camel Midges and Ramsay’s Purple Holographic Midge.

In soft hackles try the Tailwater Soft Hackle in yellow or black, they have been doing very well on both rivers