Awesome Boogle Bug Bass & Big Bream

Chris Heppel with a hefty Crooked Creek largemouth

Y’ALL have probably read my affliction with fish eating off the surface, trout on dry flies, bass, bream anything. Around lunchtime yesterday, whilst driving from one side of Missouri to the other, I received the picture above, our great mate Chris Heppel from Memphis with this 20” bass taken on a white Boogle Bug popper off Crooked Creek on a trip with Chad Johnson

Chris has caught a lot of big bass over the years on fly and conventional tackle but he told Chad this was probably the coolest bass he had ever nailed. Chad was still buzzing last night detailing to me how this fish pushed out a big wake from the log pile the popper landed next to. How the Boogle Bug was sipped down like a little bream and then how the rod went double.

The target was smallies, and Chris landed a bunch of nice fish all the guys are telling me Crooked Creek is on fire and wait for Ben Levin’s report, but the bass was the highlight of yesterday’s float.

About half an hour later I receive the pic below from another bud Jeff Hearn, sent from somewhere out on Bull Shoals Lake. Yep the Boogle Bug again _ this time Jeff’s favorite _ orange. He’s been promising me a trip out after some big bream on Bull but getting out schedules, and those of the big ‘gills, into harmony has been a problem. I’m super keen.

Not to mention I’ve been dreaming of sulphurs all week after picking up a few fish on a light hatch on Monday and Wednesday.  And they say you can’t fish dry here _ pah!

Thanks for the pics guys _ it actually made the day better so keep them coming


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