Junior and his 30″ Trout _ Update

Capt Dale Fridy, John Boatwright and the speckled trout of a lifetime

MY GOOD MATE John “Junior” Boatwright has been on a quest for a 30” White River brown trout for the past 3 years. And he’s had some shots but that slice of luck needed with any trophy has eluded him.

So a text message from his fishing partner Kevin Vincent this week, saying Junior finally pinned a 30” trout, had me jumping to open the attached photo. Junior pinned this monster 30” speckled trout down on the Gulf Coast, their usual haunt for much of the year.

Being an Aussie import, and seriously short on any knowledge to do with these sort of fish, I rang my old friend Cary Marcus to put it into some sort of context. Cary rated this as equivalent to a 35” White River brown trout, “a 30” speckled trout is enormously difficult to catch _ all sorts of kudos to him. It is way harder than a 30” brown trout.”

Kevin Vincent added this postscript after I spoke with Cary

Sight casting to any size speckled trout is very challenging.  First of all, they’re really hard to see.  Most of the time you only see them is when they’ve spooked and are moving off.  Also, big trout only eat every few days and when they do they prefer finfish like croakers, small redfish or other trout.  Most of their prey is 5”-8” long.  A 30”, 10+ trout on gear is considered a “fish of a lifetime”.  Even the pot-licking bait-chunkers rarely even see a trout this big.

So, picking out a gator trout over a mottled bottom, on a breezy day before she spooks AND getting her to eat is got to be one of the hardest things to do with a fly rod.

The guys were fishing with Capt Dale Fridy, fishing out of another friend Capt John Spencer’s Posada Del Colorado Lodge in Arroyo City Tx. You might recall Spencer joined KV, Junior and Tosh Brown for their annual run at White River Browns this past winter.

Awesome job Junior, and thanks for the pics KV.