Memorial Weekend Fly Fishing Report _ 5-24-12


WE head into the Memorial Day weekend with a decidedly untraditionally spectacular forecast and a bunch of low water around.

The low water has been a lot of fun, wet wading, sight fishing and hungry trout. But with the weather forecast heading up into the 90s over the weekend, the guessing is we are going to see some additional water being pushed through the system.

Which in all honesty is no bad thing for the trout. Comfortable wet wading at Wildcat in May without raising your voice a few octaves, raises eyebrows instead. Trout are a cold water species, and with the increasing number of shallow gravel flats over brows stretches of the White some fresh cold water every day is a godsend. But that won’t necessarily mean an end to the wade fishing.

There is a good chance, based on what we have seen that the authorities, as the heat comes on, will generate for peak power as the day warms and keep Bull Shoals shut down from at least midnight through morning. If you can remember back a few years this sort of schedule opens a big wading window.

Fish at Bull Shoals Dam early then jump downstream ahead of the flows, to Wildcat, Cotter Roundhouse or Rim _ if the Dam is off for 8 hours, then its easy to fit in a full day’s fishing on low water if you desire. On the other hand if you want some flows, for drift boats or river jons, wade till the water kicks on and then go play your way.

The trout get the cold water they need, plus the ability to forage over a wider area, the wade fishers are happy and so are the boat fishers. Its probably the best scenario for all fly fishers _ only the guys who want to wade at night miss out.

Just remember to keep in touch with our fishing reports here or sign up for the Journal Newsletter, and follow the Water Flows here. If you just use the telephone system during normal waking hours, you might miss the wading windows.

So have a great weekend y’all, we look forward to see you over the summer season



And for the rest of the fishing report:

WHITE RIVER: THE White has been providing plenty of bounty for the fly fishers this week on typical low water fare.

Midge pupa have been very good, regular Zebras in red, black and olive, Camel Midges, Ruby Midges and Davy’s Super Midges have all been performing.

In Sowbugs we like Davy’s Sowbugs, McLellan’s Woven V-Rib Sowbugs, Tailwater Sowbugs and Nicklo’s HMG Sows Don’t forget the old staples, scud patterns like the HMG Scud and Hunchback Scud, both developed for our waters.

Tailwater Soft Hackles and Anna Ks have also been productive.

Copper Johns in red or copper, Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears have also been good.

NORFORK: has also been very productive and with the White off as well has been receiving less pressure than normal. Midges and Sowbugs are very productive, drop to size 18 or 20s for the Fork, Ruby Midges, regular Zebras, Tungsten WD40s, and Poison Tungs.

Don’t forget a good handful of Sowbugs, Davy’s Woven Ribs and Nicklo’s, some Soft Hackles and a few dry fly Sulphur patterns.

CROOKED CREEK: I didn’t manage to extract a lot of details out of Ben Levin last night, when he came off another smallmouth trip, but the fishing was very good.

Craft Fur Clousers have been working well and Hada’s Creek Crawler, plus Boogle Bug poppers.

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