Fog At The Narrows

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  REGULAR visitor Jeff Hutchison sent me this picture taken at The Narrows 3 years ago which is one of the better images of the haunting nature of the fog on the White I’ve seen. I asked Jeff if I could share it on the blog and he gave me the ok and the story _ thanks a bunch Jeff.

Go for it….. we travel from our West Columbia, Texas home to fish the White 2-3 times a year and of course shop at the fly shop. The late Harvey and June Dilbeck are my wife’s uncle and aunt. We still have a small cabin near Wildcat Shoals. That picture- It is the first wade area before you get to the second island at the Narrows was haunting that day. It had been raining for 3 days- 3 units were running all the time. We threw the works from dry to wet flies- some flatfish and little cleos lures…. came away with some nice fish… I was all the way down where the last island dumps into the main river below the Narrows and looked upriver. My son Mikey had just thrown a olive wooly bugger and my friend Rick Patterson was searching the shoreline in the fog. I turned and snap the pic- have on my desktop since then. Haunted by waters. It is calling me back right now.

Really enjoy the newsletter and your keen advise. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

Jeff Hutchinson

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