The Hat On The Road


THE HAT is on the road again. Courtesy of long time bud Mark Gay come these pictures of our Simms Navy Trucker log hat rocking in the Big Apple. Very Cool mate.

Of course this got my fertile brain moving this morning, the caffeine is kicking in, and we might just run a little competition this summer. Closing date August 31_ take your hat on the road, and send us the pics.

Our Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher logo has to be visible, and the winner will be judged on criteria including composition, originality, sense of humor, and some other technical photographic stuff. Bonus points will be awarded for identifiable landmarks or people. It might be the Last Chance Bar and Grill on the Henry;s Fork, the Texas Hole on the San Juan, or more general landmarks like Mark’s pics. But no pics from Arkansas tailwaters _ lets see them other places than home.

The same applies for famous personages, if we have to Google them you get a deduction, so we are looking for serious celebrity/notoriety. Fly fishers are good but an easier get _ aim for the stars. We will run all the worthy pics on the blog

Fish aren’t necessary, but exotic/weird species are worthy, just as long as they are caught fly fishing. Just have some fun this summer.

Rockefeller Centre




Outside Penn Station