Brat’s and Brown Trout _ Tosh Brown essay in GSJ


THE new Issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal is hitting news stands across the country and courtesy of our bud from Texas Tosh Brown, Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher and our White River streamer fishing is center stage.

You might recall our earlier mentions of the amazing work Tosh did behind the lens, while fishing with myself, Chad and Ben alongside a crew of likeminded Texas lunatics, Kevin Vincent, John Boatwright, and Capt. John Spencer. Tosh makes us all look better looking than we deserve.

But nice to see some national level kudos coming to the White River system, which is probably the best known, untapped fly fishing destination in the lower 48. Sure we all know how good the White is year around, but the message hasn’t reached out very far.

Tosh and I were talking it over and we also decided that we have now established a new standard for fly fishing photojournalism as pertaining to fly fishing culture _ bratwursts pics. Brats on the grill have become winter standard fare for fuel on my streamer trips _ they are fast, sustaining and all importantly hot. My favorite presentation involves ‘slaw and a good hot sauce. But now apparently brats are gaining a level of counter culture cool one held by PBR’s in the can and flat brimmed caps.

As far as Tosh can figure, we managed to get the first shot of bratwursts in the skillet in a major fly fishing  magazine spread, with Ben doing the honors as hand model on the tongs. Coincidentally another of Tosh’s friends, Gray’s columnist Miles Nolte, discusses bratwurst preparation in the same issue.

The brat rules.