Something Entirely Different

Justin Urich with a 5’ Gar  last week

IN spring it gets hard to choose where to fish, the rivers for trout, the creeks for smallies and carp, the lakes for largemouth, whites, hybrid and stripers, or if you are really crazy Gar.

So you know which one was inspiring us last week, a report on Chad and Justin’s adventures.

Justin Urich & I decided it was time for some warm water fishing.

We rode up to lake Norfork with our 8 weights & poly rope flies & set out to find some gar. Which if you have never done, it is a blast & I suggest you give it a try.

Here are some tips…as for the flies-a piece of 3 1/2 to 4 inch poly rope in white, I prefer the more soft, supple rope opposed to the course rope. To find them…you are looking for flooded timbers with near by mud flats.

Days to look for them….sunny & warm. They will lift higher in the water column as they enjoy sunning, which in turn allows us to target them much easier.

The hook set…I know our first reaction is to lift the rod tip-don’t, they will bite with the tip of their beaks. At this point allow them to chew on it for a couple of seconds with very lite pressure. The more they try to get out the more tangled they get. At this point start applying heavy pressure & when the fight is on, you will know it.

Hope that helps put you on the right track to gar fishing. We put 5 gar in the boat between 3-5 ft within 1 1/2 Hr. The action can be much faster if you cast to the small males. We try to target the larger females that swim with them. If you have a good day, feel free to send pics to Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher. Good luck & happy fishing.

Chad Johnson


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