Turn You Trophy Into A Masterpiece

Paint Your Own Classic Trout Masterpiece with Duane Hada

HERE is your opportunity to create your own Classic Trout masterpiece for your home or office, under the guidance of renowned Ozarks painter and guide Duane Hada.

Duane will lead each member of the class through the “Can’t Fail” steps to creating a trout watercolor, with the right look of your special trophy fish.

And if you are one of those that is now thinking “I can’t do that” well I said exactly the same thing to Duane when we were designing this class. Duane politely (because he is like that) told me I was wrong, and started me off sketching in a trout outline.

He breaks each part down into small steps, the lateral line (midpoint) the outline, the tail, mouth, fins, jaw. What starts out as a line with a couple of curves each side, quickly grows into a fish. And seriously I can’t draw an Ace of Hearts, so with Duane’s method you will produce a trout to be proud of.

The class will be held on Saturday May 26 in Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher. If we get more than 8 participants for the first class we will hold a second class on . The class will run from 9am to 4pm, with a break for lunch (not included).

Bring your own materials from the list over the jump or you can purchase the materials you need through Duane for $17. Call the shop on 870 435 6166 to secure your spot. Since places are limited this is a no refund class, but we will hold a waiting list, if there isn’t sufficient number for a second class.

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Instructor: Duane Hada- White River School of fine Art. www.RivertownGallery.com

Where: Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher 1200 West Main Cotter AR 72626 (870 435 6166)

Dates: May 26

Fee: $150.

Times: 9am-4pm

Description: Ever catch a special trout (fish of your choice) and want to turn it into a memorable piece of fine art. This will be a fun filled “Can’t Fail” workshop that you will definitely want to attend.

You will create a beautiful original of a fish of your choice, in the time honored classical sporting art style. You will be so proud and impressed with your piece!!!!

If you are new to art or don’t want to invest a lot of money in materials we will have a good quality basic supply kit for an additional $17.00.

This will provide you with 2 sheets of 16”x 20” 140 lb. watercolor paper-a pointed round #8 and #4 talkon-a set of 4 tubes of professional quality watercolors-mechanical pencil, and a kneaded eraser.

Suggested Materials:

Tube Watercolors-Windsor/Newton best. Cottman-good student grade.

Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Orange Med.

Cobalt Blue Quinacridone Magenta

Aureolin Yellow Optional Colors:

Permanent Rose Quinacridone Gold

Alizarin Crimson Pthalo Blue

Burnt Sienna Cerulan Blue

Violet New Gamboge


White non-absorbing plate, or covered sectional palette


Synthetic, white or golden taklon

1 inch flat

#12 round

#4 round


Paper: 140 pound cold press at least 11” x 14”(up to 22” x 30”)

Additional materials:

Water container (cool whip bowl or larger)

Masking tape

Rigid board larger than paper size

Paper towels

Hair dryer

Sketch pad

Mechanical pencil

Kneaded eraser

Black sharpie fine or medium

White colored pencil