The Glory of Big Rainbows _ Davy Wotton Report

Bull Shoals rainbows aren’t Jenny Craig endorsed

Davy Wotton was still in a chirpy mood when he called to tell me this report was on the way.

Fishing days like this have that effect. Davy also makes a good point that having a good guide dialed into these flows can mean the difference between a slow day and a good day. If you want to book Davy or any of our other guide team call the shop on 870 435 6166.  


There are days when the fishing at BSD is off the charts and last Thursday was one of those memorable days for Ed and Tom.

85 fish,  3 to 5lb Bows as fat as pigs and a number of good browns, way too many to take pics of all. One of those days that the fish would chop and change to fly choice as water conditions changed.

One minute it could be combinations of midge and sowbugs, the next shad flies, then maybe some surface fished patterns, and of course at times the DW worm variations. I doubt a trout fishery in the country would compete with that kind of action, unreal.

Simply the deal is this, we know the fish are there, you just have to figure out how to catch them, such is the fishing at BSD like no other for the entire White river system. But is can also have its dour days when catching can be a tuff deal no doubt of that, even then some fish will be caught. Fact of the matter is trophy browns can be caught any place on the river, not so the case for trophy bows. Its BSD that holds that glory.


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