Hearn Returns _ Caddis Mayhem

Not a bad start _ Jeff Hearn returns to the White

It has been a whole lot quieter around here for the last 3 and a bit months without our big mate, Jeff Hearn.

Jeff’s been a good friend to all around this shop since we dragged the tournament bass angler back from the darkside  a handful of years ago. He’s one of the array of characters you can find pushed back into the big chairs around the tying table, dispensing a lot of opinion and even more humor. He’s also not afraid to get up and help a customer if the guys get overrun.

But we’ve been without his big laugh for the last 100 days as he and his wife Cindy were in Little Rock as she received treatment for a rare form of cancer. Jeff was by her side daily, something he did without complain to me in our frequent phone calls, just saying quietly that it was the longest he’d ever been without fishing.

So with Cindy back home and thankfully in full remission it was time to get Jeff back on the water and since I knew he’d be “het up” in as relaxed a manner as possible. The aim of the day was to get his rod bent.

And it couldn’t have started out better with a nice mid-teens brown that fell to a Davy Wotton BH SLF Translucent Caddis on about our 3rd drift. This fish jumped all over the river on its way to the net,fatbellied, carrying big spots and with that gorgeous steel blue cheek.

All was right with the world. The browns were good to both of us, despite the strong southerly playing havoc with the drift, and then the caddis lit up, both of us having a lot of fun casting to risers.

Good to have you back mate.