Epic Streamer Day

Chad and Jeff with yesterday’s fish of the day _ image courtesy of Jeff Boks

MISSISSIPPI Johnson is on fire this year nailing a 29” male brown trout yesterday to follow his 12.2lb fish last month.

Yesterday was the first wintery day we have had since Christmas and with good water coming out the Dam, I was wishing I was fishing, when the boys left the shop yesterday. Chad and Alex teamed up with bud ex-Michigan guide Jeff Boks for a play day and epic it was.

Alex and Chad nailed 3 fish over the magic 2’ mark and when landed what was otherwise a pretty nice fish at 22’ but as Jeff emailed me this morning along with these very cool images:

the best streamer day ever that I’ve been part of, even though I didn’t have anything over 22", JUST SEEING what I saw was satisfying enough.. Next week is going to be GOOD if the weather and water are right.. The fish are about to GO GO GO!

We still have a bunch of days open to get y’all on the water with our streamer guides. Give the shop a call on 870 435 6166 and ask for Steve or Bill and will get you lined up to chase the biggest brown trout of your life.

Enjoy the rest of Jeff’s pics, they are awesome, thanks mate.