Streamer Days


JB with his best streamer fish of 3 trips

Three days, four mates all TX Gulf saltwater sticks, three guides, thousands of casts, even more laughs and a bunch of White River browns.

My friends John Boatwright and Kevin Vincent have fished with me for 3 years now, flying in from Houston to Little Rock and driving in. They went through the learning curve the first year and last year KV hung a two footer.

This year they were accompanied by two buddies, guide and lodge owner Capt. John Spencer and one of the outdoor photographers I admire most Tosh Brown. It was a heck of a lot of fun for Chad, Ben and myself despite conditions which meant the guys worked for every fish, and so did we.

We were hunting a serious fish and we got our shots, but there plenty of 15” to 19” fish willing to eat. KV hung the fish of the trip again, just shy of the 2’ mark, fishing with his usual quiet intensity mixed with bursts of high humor.

As always it was the fish we didn’t land which will remain strongest in the memory. JB had a “major player” swipe and miss his streamer at Cotter, leaving huge holes in the water and Tosh had a “tuna” eat in some fast water, a fish big enough to dictate terms and took him around a rock before he or I could react. I saw the eat and it had some serious girth and my 6” fly looked pretty small compared to the head when it departed. It was a fish I badly wanted to tape and the loss actually halted the flow of jokes and tales from his lips.

Good times on the water guys _ see y’all next year.