Chad’s Huge Brown Trout


WE enjoy giving our own “Mini-Guide” Chad Johnson a hard time, he dishes enough stuff out, but we have to say he earnt this monster brown trout caught on Monday night at Cotter.

Chad, as anyone who has chatted with him at any length, will know he is one fishy cat, and he’s put in plenty of time and effort to crack the magical 10lb mark. And while Chad was as happy as the rest of us at the 10lb browns caught by Gabe Levin, Jim Dugan, Alex Lafkas and others we knew he was on a mission to get one in his boat, for one of his fly fishers on a trip or himself.

Now he gets one of these pics up on the trophy wall, stoked for you mate, but we will let Chad tell the story in his own words:


“Well I guess the 2012 season has started, with my buddy Alex Lafkas, from the Old Ausable Fly Shop in MI showing up last Thursday. Once Alex gets into town we fish night and day 7 days a week.

I’m going to take a second to tell you about night 3: Alex and I make it to the river around 6.30pm, slide the drift boat in and off we go in pursuit of the big one. Alex got an 11lb pig last year and was going on about wanting a 20lb fish this year and about if you were looking for a fish of that class the White would be the river.

I speak up “we aren’t all as good as you Lafkas I’m still looking for my double digit brown.” I have been stuck on 27.5” personally for some time so we laugh about it all and Alex gives me the old “ One day Johnson, one day.”

Two hours go by and we have landed a couple of 18”-20” trout and a couple of smaller ones. Alex is rowing and slides me into a nice spot: a riffle on my right and a pool to my left. I worked the riffle over and made a cast to the pool side and WHACK.

My mouse pattern is gone, my line is tight and I can feel the head shakes “It is a good one Alex” I told him. The brown put herself on the reel and then turned and ran straight back at me. Reel!!! Reel!!! I can’t keep up Strip!!! Strip!!!


Ok now I have good contact and off she goes. Alex pulls the anchor so she can’t find the anchor rope and pushes us towards the fish. Alex know knows this is a big fish and has the net ready. The fly hangs in the net on the first shot, but Alex digs and the fish just falls in. So there I sit with a 12.2 LB (weighed) White River trophy brown trout. She measured 29.5” with an 18.5” girth. High 5’s all round then I turn to Alex “OK now we can go for the 20lb”"


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